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Salon « Je t'aime en chocolat! »

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 Du 6 au 8 février, l'équipe de Montréal de Thermomix Canada sera au délicieux salon « Je t'aime en chocolat! », qui se tiendra au marché Bonsecours, à Montréal. Passez nous voir!

Pour en savoir plus sur l'événement : http://www.jetaimeenchocolat.com

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Preparation : 10 minutes
Thermomix : 25 minutes
Serving : 4-6
A recipe from Fannélie Stammégna, Thermomix Canada

250 g basmati rice
454 g bay scallops (fresh or defrosted)
100 g broccoli florets
100 g cauliflower florets
½ red bell pepper diced
100 g frozen green peas
2 garlic cloves
½ onion
25 g olive oil
2 tbsp curry
350 g water
2 tbsp TM vegetable stock concentrate
½ tsp salt
1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp honey
Salt and pepper to taste 


Place broccoli florets, green peas and cauliflower florets in the Varoma. Put the scallops and half of the red bell pepper on the Varoma tray.

Place garlic and onion in the bowl and chop 5 s/Speed 5.

Add olive oil and curry. Program 4 min/100 °C/Speed 2.

Put the water in the bowl, add the TM vegetable stock, coconut milk, honey and salt to taste. Using the simmering basket, rinse the rice with cold water and place it in the bowl. Close the lid and place the Varoma on top.
Program 20 min/Varoma/Speed 2.

At the tone, remove the Varoma. Using the spatula, remove the simmering basket and drain it.
Taste and adjust the seasoning of the sauce in the bowl.

Place the rice on a serving platter, add vegetables and scallops on top and pour the sauce around, or mix together in a serving bowl.


Scallops can be replaced by chicken strips or peeled raw shrimps. Use chickpeas for a vegetarian meal.

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Thermomix Instruction manual

Thermomix TM31

Thermomix TM31It’s a real pleasure to cook with the Thermomix, a kitchen appliance combining the functions of more than 10 food processors in one compact unit, for a fast, easy, natural and economic cuisine.

You can do everything in a matter of seconds with the Thermomix, thanks to its multiple functions: grinding, pulverising, kneading, emulsifying, cooking, simmering, etc.…

In addition, the Varoma’s steam cooking intensifies food flavours while preserving nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are not lost and ingredients retain their texture and colour.

Simply placed on top of the Thermomix, the Varoma significantly increases the machine’s performance.

Thanks to its unique multi-level design, a complete meal can be cooked in the Varoma‘s trays, in a short period of time, using a single heating source.

Thanks to its easy use, Thermomix helps you prepare complete meals with fresh and natural ingredients: good every day food for the family or refined special dishes for your guests!

You can control what you eat and avoid preservatives and additives

By selecting all your ingredients, choosing the ones without preservatives and additives, you can prepare wholesome and nutrient food and improve your diet. Simple recipes allow you to prepare mayonnaise, dough and batters, soups, sauces, sorbets and most condiments.

Perfect for any kind of culinary habits

Traditional or modern cooking, Mediterranean diet, vegan, vegetarian, raw food …. The Thermomix can help in most situations.