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 La cuisine par Arnaud Marchand est une série d'émissions culinaires sur les ondes de Télé mag.

À la fin de chacun des épisodes, vous aurez le plaisir de voir une capsule entièrement dédiée au Thermomix! 

Voyez déjà le premier épisode :  Bavette de bœuf et salade de pommes de terre - 23 juin 2015
Avancez à 20:04 pour le début de la capsule Thermomix. 

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Portions: 6-8
Total Time: 15 min + 24h freezer
Thermomix: 7 min
Warning See Tips at bottom


3 eggs
100 g maple syrup
100 g brown sugar
2 tbsp Cognac liquor or Grand Marnier
150 g mixed candied fruits
80 g red cherries, candied and pitted
50 g raisins
50g dried cranberries
50 g pecans
40 g almonds
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
450 g 35% cream

Decorations: 100 g pecans, and Christmas ornaments


1. Place 3 eggs whites in the mixing bowl. Close the mixing bowl and activate the Turbo function. Mix the egg whites 3 times for .5 seconds.
2. Insert the whisk and a pinch of salt. Beat the egg whites for 2 min/37°/speed 4. Reserve in an empty bowl.
3. With the whisk still in the mixing bowl, add 3 egg yolks, maple syrup, cognac liquor, and brown sugar. Whip 2 min/speed 3.
4. Remove the whisk and add the candied fruits, cherries, raisins, cranberries, pecans, and almonds. Mix 10 sec/speed 2/reverse speed.
5. Delicately add the egg whites to your preparation.
6. Carefully clean and dry the mixing bowl. Insert the whisk and 35% cream. Program 1 min/speed 4. (See tips at bottom)
7. Add the whipped cream to the eggs and dry fruits muxture and carefully mix.
8. In a mold of your choice, place a sheet of parchment paper. Pour the preparation in it. (See tips at bottom).
9. Place in the freezer for at least 24 hours.
10. Some time before serving, place pecans in the mixing bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 7. Unmold your log and roll it in pecans in order to decorate. Add Christmas ornaments (optional).


We can make this recip in small individual molds. (Silicone molds are easier to unmold preparation).

Whipped cream:
Only use 35% cream. It must be cold before use. The mixing bowl must be cool, clean and dry.

1. Place the sugar in the mixing bowl. Mix 10 sec/speed 10 to refine sugar.
2. Insert the whisk, pour the cream, close the lid, and place the simmering basket on top to avoid splashing.
3. Progressively augment the speed to 4.

The cream will take 40 sec to 1 min to be whipped. The time depends on the following factors: its temperature, brand, expiration date. 

When the sound changes and the cream seems to thicken, remove the simmering basket and look through the hole of the mixing bowl. You should see the mixture on the sides of the mixing bowl. This means the shipped cream is ready.

Be careful! When in doubt, it's better to stop the preparation first than to let it mix for too long. If whipped for too long, the preparation turns yellow and transforms into butter!


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Thermomix Instruction manual

Thermomix TM5

It’s a real pleasure to cook with the Thermomix, a kitchen appliance combining the functions of more than 10 food processors in one compact unit, for a fast, easy, natural and economic cuisine.

In addition, the Varoma’s steam cooking intensifies food flavours while preserving nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are not lost and ingredients retain their texture and colour. 

Thermomix ® combines twelve appliances in one with functions that include weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, whisking, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying.

The new Thermomix ® brings the kitchen into the digital age with a beautiful colour touchscreen display. You can follow on screen recipe instructions by using the smart Recipe Chip and the Guided Cooking function. This innovation takes you step by step through recipes on screen. The recipes have been tailor-made to work perfectly with the appliance – all you need to do is add the ingredients and your Thermomix ® will set the temperature and timings for you. It’s a simple, fast alternative that compliments the ability to operate any function entirely manually and lets you cook your own way.

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Simply placed on top of the Thermomix, the Varoma significantly increases the machine’s performance.

Thanks to its unique multi-level design, a complete meal can be cooked in the Varoma‘s trays, in a short period of time, using a single heating source.

Thanks to its easy use, Thermomix helps you prepare complete meals with fresh and natural ingredients: good every day food for the family or refined special dishes for your guests!

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Traditional or modern cooking, Mediterranean diet, vegan, vegetarian, raw food …. The Thermomix can help in most situations.